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Pregnant 15-Year-Old Minor Girl Saved from the Clutches of her Abuser

Updated: May 28

A disheartening incident emerged from West Bengal’s Sakam Forest village, where a 15-year-old girl was not only lured into child marriage but also ended up being sexually abused and impregnated by her abuser.

The innocent girl was lured by a man who was already married and had a child. He convinced the girl to elope and get married to him. Little did she know that her life would take a tumultuous turn at the tender age of 15.

Soon after the marriage took place in February 2023, the girl realised that the man was already married and even had a child. The 26-year-old accused was caught red-handed when he took the girl to a hospital for an abortion during her 4th month of pregnancy. On learning the girl was a minor, the Block Medical Health Officer (BMHO) promptly reported the incident to the police and an FIR was registered.

Local stakeholders were sensitised by our partner NGO, the Society for People's Awareness (SPAN), on issues like child sexual abuse, child marriage, and the Protection of Children Against Sexual Offenses (POCSO) Act. This helped in bringing the incident to the knowledge of the authorities on time.

The accused was arrested and the girl’s abortion was successfully carried out, offering her a chance at healing and recovery. The local Police appointed SPAN as a support person for the victim, ensuring she received the care and assistance she deserved. The girl is traumatised after the incident and SPAN is facilitating counselling support for her recovery.

SPAN continues to play a crucial role in supporting the 15-year-old in her rehabilitation journey.

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