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Child Marriage Free India Campaign

Child Marriage Free India (CMFI) is a nationwide campaign led by women leaders and a coalition of more than 160 NGOs spanning more than 300 districts working to eliminate child marriage in India. CMFI is working to attain the tipping point of child marriage, after which the society does not accept this evil practice and that will happen when the prevalence of child marriage is brought down to 5.5% by 2030, from the current national prevalence rate of 23.3%. This is being done by initially targeting 257 high-prevalence districts and gradually focusing on all the districts of the country.

As per latest National Family Health Survey (NFHS) data, a staggering 23.3% of women between the 20-24 age group were married before they turned 18. This is what we are up against. Through special focus on the effective implementation of the existing government policies and laws for child protection, the campaign aims to eliminate the scourge of child marriage from the country, one step at a time.

Our Goal

Reduction of Child Marriage to 5.5% by 2030


of women aged 20-24 years got married before 18
(NFHS 5, 2019-21)

12 million

children married before attaining legal age of marriage; 5.2 million girls married before the age of 18
(Census, 2011)

1.5 million

United Nations Children's Fund estimates suggest that at least
girls under the age of 18 years get married every year
(UNICEF, 2020)
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